Polka Wars Merilis Video Musik Untuk Single ‘Horse’s Hooves’

Polka Wars band asal Jakarta ini baru saja merilis video musik untuk single ‘Horse’s Hooves’. Single ini terdapat di dalam album perdana mereka ‘Axis Mundi’ yang bisa music enthusiast dapatkan via iTunes.

Horse’s Hooves’ Lyrics:

Needles ticks and currents drifts
Fleeting fast under two moons

In no time
You’ll stand on the line of fire
Seeking reflections between the waves

But when spring comes
I see them lying on water’s edge
Resembling horse’s hooves’ sharp tails

At first sight often startles the weaker hearts
Triggering questions from down below
Ancient beings & silent witness
Dwellers of the deep blue ocean

The triumphs and survivals
They’ve witnessed mountains rise from the sea

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